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Remember to take your medicine (doesn't that sound like Mom...) and your blue communicator to this level. IF IT SAYS YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH POWER, YOU DIDN'T FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS FOR ALL THE PAST AREAS! 

OK. Well, at the beginning (note that you don't parachute in) walk over under the first platform, then hook straight up and get onto the platform. Then walk to the edge of the platform so that when you hook up you won't run into the barrel. Timing to avoid the stationary shooter's shots, hook up to the right of the barrel, as you positioned. Kill any guys on the right and the stationary shooter. Then hook up again, and kill the guys on the left and the right. Swing over to the right side. Connect to the corner of the platform just above to the left. Get up and kill the guys there. Ideally, you want to get onto the small platform just to the left of the eagle sign. Get there if you can. If there's a guy walking there, use the technique shown below.



If you use this technique, you're in place for the next step. If you went straight up to the place left of the eagle, just fall down to the left. Either way, you're now on the gray stone area. Go to the left and hook up. Shoot the stationary shooter on the right if you want. Otherwise, hook up twice to the top, killing the guys if you want. If you need some bullets (you should have 6 or 7 life dots by now if you're not too good,) then go to the right and kill the parachuters that come down. You don't really need to, though. Hop into the door. There should be a weird white shooting thing on the left of you. (If it's on the right of you, you went in the wrong door. Get back out, go to the left door, and go in that one.) Just keep shooting at it to destroy it. Sometimes your shots will bounce off, sometimes they'll damage it, sometimes they'll destroy it. I don't think there's really a pattern to how this happens. If you do, email me. Anyhow, hop into the door on the left after destroying the double decker cannon.

There's an elevator on the left; hop on it and ride it all the way to the top. Once there, go in the door. You'll notice a item parachute. Get it if you can. Then get into the communication door. Communicate, then cut him off to save time. Come back out and (gasp!) there's another item parachute. It may be sort of cheap, but you can keep on going in and out of the door and getting the item parachutes. 

Anyway, swing over to the wall. You'll fall and land on a small silvery platform. Fall off to the left and immediately grab the platform again. Swing over to the right again, fall to the left, and grab the stone this time. Swing off and you'll land by the door. See the pictures.




Go in the door, kill this double decker cannon, then go out the other side. 

As soon as you get out of the door, run right. As you run, blast that remote controller guy. Keep running, and fall off. You'll land on the springs. Springing off the second spring, grab the platform. 


Get up onto the platform and get the bullet. Keep running right, fall off, and get into the communication room. Communicate, cut him off, and get out. Throw your bionic arm diagonally left, get onto the platform, kill the remote controller guy again, and keep moving left. Swing over the gap, then go in the door. 

Kill the double decker cannon again, then go through the door. DO NOT just charge left as soon as you come out of this door, however. You have to wait for the sideways elevator. Wait, then walk onto it when it comes. For some reason, this is really tough for some people. Anyway, after you're on it, hook straight up onto the platform with springs. Get on it, and spring off to the left. Keep hooking straight up and go out the door. 

Go back on the elevator, go down one level, and go in the boss door. It's just a platoon, nothing special. There are, however, a few guys with shields. It'll be tough to kill them, so just charge through the crowd of people. You only need a few shots with the rocket launcher, anyhow.





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